Lost Children – “Spectres”

The sophomore album from synthpop/darkwave artist Lost Children, “Spectres” is available for purchase online and streaming in all stores, including Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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Lost Children: Hold On is in digital stores!

Streaming on Spotify now! Available for purchase on all digital platforms.

Album artwork for the song Hold On by artist Lost Children

Lost Children: Teen Beat

A Mickle & Muckle Production
Director, Producer & Editor: Kathleen Russell
Director of Photography & VFX: Charles Farrell
Choreographer: Lea Fulton
Dancers: Lea Fulton & Kristin Cheng
Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe: Samantha Tuttlebee & Kathleen Russell
Production Assistants: Tracey McDonough & Samantha Tuttlebee
Interns: Aidan Lavis & Michelle Zhao

Special thanks to the Ace Hotel New York