Praveen “12 Lights”

We are happy to announce the release of “12 Lights” from Supermartyr’s latest addition, Praveen!

Over the past decade, Praveen has explored a variety of sounds under a growing stable of aliases. Originally under his own name, Praveen, then Praveen & Benoît alongside Kranky’s Benoît Pioulard, he is most likely best known for his more recent work as Sepalcure alongside long time friend Machinedrum (Travis Stewart). After the resounding success of the Sepalcure project and a string of well received singles and EPs under his solo House Music guise, Braille, Praveen has returned to his roots with a punch to the heart.

Unashamedly emotive and melancholic, Praveen’s latest full length, “12 Lights” combines his unique sense of sound design and love of granular synthesis with expansive instrumentation. With source material recorded over a span of three years, and Benoît Pioulard offering vocals for a number of songs, it is the natural followup to “Songs Spun Simla”. The slowly breathing “Sincere” also features renowned designer, illustrator and artist Sougwen Chung on Violin. Found sounds from three years of traveling and a series of dictaphone sessions with Benoît Pioulard serve as the bed for songs which slowly grow in scale and potency. Recorded & Engineered at Leopard Studio.

12 Lights is available for purchase online through Amazon, iTunes, and e-Music

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